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Kado is available in three packages

If you have ever thought about starting a rewards club for your customers but been turned off by the costs, think again.

Available packages


Offer Redemption

Kado offers multiple redemption mechanics. From trackable links to third-party partners, downloadable and unique vouchers, through to email, phone and competition entry mechanics. There is even a unique code generator.

Tiered Offers

Whether your approach is to offer the same rewards to all programme members or your strategy is to tier offers, the choice is yours.

Digital Member’s Card

Physical cards can be expensive to produce. Kado has a built-in digital membership card feature so rewards programme members can redeem offers in-venue, without you having to produce and distribute printed material.


Make sure your members are regularly, actively engaged with your rewards programme by keeping them up-to-date on the latest news by email. Kado has made it easy for you to stay in contact with your members thanks to an email builder module within the CMS.


The powerful CMS allows your marketing team to simply and intuitively build pages and sections with drag and drop widgets, be it Text, Grids, Videos, Images, Lists or HTML. If there is something that we haven’t thought of, we can build it for you.


Customise your Kado platform via the Content Management System (CMS) by choosing colours and uploading your brand logo. For a truly tailored look and feel, we can help with bespoke theming.


Add even more value to your rewards programme by engaging your members with regular competitions. Kado has a really simple to use competition builder that facilitates customer entry and competitions management.

Track your customers

See what your customers are doing on the platform and how they are engaging with offers.

Location-based offers

Want to show where your offers and rewards are located in relation to where members currently are? Kado has it mapped out.

Seamless journey

Kado can be integrated with your subscriptions provider to allow single sign-on and ensuring your customers don't have to log-in multiple times to different platforms.

Sourcing offers

Don’t have a marketing team with enough resources to organise brand partnerships and populate the platform with offers? No problem. Kado can feed offers from our affiliate partners, to source and plug in the best rewards for your customers.

Bespoke features

If there is something we haven't thought of, or there is a particular feature you would love to have added, we can build it for you. Let’s discuss.

* Integrations with third party systems such as subscription providers, CRM, EDM etc. and bespoke theming are costed separately.